07 Feb 2014 Magic 8-Ball
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Whipped up a small circuit for my niece’s school project – a Magic 8-Ball.


Think of a question (with a Yes or No answer)

Press Button

And see the Magic Answer.


08 Dec 2013 Standalone Temperature and Humidity Control v2
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If you’ve reached here directly – please see:


I’ve modified the code to add the following:

  1. Used the OneButton library so that the setpoint can be increased by clicking button and decreased by long clicking the button
  2. Used the Timer library so that I don’t rely on delay – which was inaccurate
  3. Change the logic for temperature such that the heater gets switched on if the temperature goes below the setpoint. Makes more sense as you don’t need the heater to be on at the setpoint. Also, reduces chances of the heater malfunctioning by switching on and off all the time
  4. Used a similar logic for humidity – on when humidity is less than 50 and off when it is more than 60


30 Nov 2013 Physical Android Notifier
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I wanted to create a simple notifier for my Android phone. Something that would blink whenever I have a missed call, or sms or whatsapp notification.

The hardware part was easy:

  1. Funduino Mini Pro
  2. Common Anode RGB LED
  3. Switch
  4. Bluetooth Breakout Board


13 Nov 2013 Digital Pin-Art – WIP
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I’m planning to create a digital “pin-art” board – something similar to the photo below.

Source: http://cdn.visualnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Lulu-Guinness-11.jpg


11 Nov 2013 Standalone Temperature and Humidity Control
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Continuing from Standalone Arduino and Thermometer and Humidity Control, created a standalone thermometer and humidity control. Added the following features:

  1. Added a push-button to allow controlling the setpoint temperature
  2. Used the EEPROM library to save the setpoint temperature
  3. Enclosed everything in an extension cord with a power supply
  4. Left a socket to update programming as required


26 Oct 2013 Charlieplexed LEDs with Arduino (Induino)
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Using ideas from: