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I’m an architect, a project manager, a photographer, a rock climber, an origami enthusiast, a gymnast, a skater, a dramatist, a paraglider, a sky-diver, a karate expert and a million other things. How does someone define himself / herself? To me I’m just ‘me’, to others I’m “you”, “brother”, “friend”, et al.

So I’ll make things simpler by saying what I did and not what I am.

Professionally I completed my architecture from Chandigarh in 2002, went on for a masters’ programme in project management from Delhi and finally took up a job with Cushman & Wakefield in Mumbai. Worked for a couple of years and started my own project management practice in Mumbai.

I completed an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Indian School of Business and am currently working for Arcadis in the real estate space.

Personally I believe in taking things to the extreme – I have a list of dreams that I intend to fulfil and that too as fast as possible so that I can enhance that list with many more things. Till date some of the things I have done include Karate (National level player), Gymnastics (State level player), Para-gliding (P1), Sky-Diving (3 jumps), Rock Climbing (Basic Course), etc. I have my own photo-blog which I update regularly and intend to do many more things . . .

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  • jeripie says:

    hi..can i use this as reference?

  • Dushyant says:

    Sure – be my guest

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