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30 Oct 2008 HIFLIERS: My first take-off
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25 Sep 2008 ISB Term 2 – Photowalk
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I promise to keep this one as short as possible – its not going to be as long-winded as the earlier one about term 1. Mainly because the only thing that changed was the subjects we were being taught now. Let me see – they were Competitive Strategy (Compstrat), Decision Modelling and Optimisation (DMOP), Global Economics (GLEC) and Marketing Decision Making (Markstrat). [I cheated – there was no way I was going to remember the subjects I did soo long ago]

Actually that’s one of the chief features of life at ISB – the days move along so fast that they’re a blur – but when you look back they seem so far away – probably because so much has happened since.

One of the more interesting parts of the term was the markstrat simulation – where each study group was allotted a firm and we had to compete to gain profits, market share, etc. Good fun !

Anyways – the term started with the skies clouding over, and impending rains on the horizon. The campus looked beautiful as the sky simply accentuated the buildings.

And our first rains – when the mirror pools filled over and we got back to our childhood – making paper boats and playing J


16 Sep 2008 ISB Term 1 – Photowalk
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I think Whirlwind is one word that I’m going to use very often – at least for the next one year. The last month and half have been absolutely crazy – and yet there’s always been time for the myriad activities that vie for our attention. Actually I think I’ll make more sense if I do this chronologically. Started from Delhi on April 11th in the train. Was joined by quite a few “future” classmates. We had planned to take the train – even though it was almost 36 hours. But it was worth every minute – it probably led to formations of life-long friendships – not to mention the fact that we “Reely Reely” enjoyed every second. I had brought along a bottle of Absolut Pear – which we judiciously finished over the course of the day. We chatted, played cards, watched a movie, chatted some more and partied all the time. Don’t think that words can really describe the amount of fun we had – so here are some pictures:

Reached ISB in the morning and went straight to our rooms – was pleasantly surprised at the amazing campus (even though I had seen so many photographs on the net – none of them came even close to the real thing). The rooms were perfect – neat and clean and spacious and I must mention the great quality of the hot water showers. We got ready and went straight for the registration – which was a loooooong affair – mainly because of the HUGE rush at the SBI counter. But we got through and by evening we were true-blue students of ISB. So it was time for some champagne – to mark the start of what we hoped (and which I can vouch for now) would be an amazing one year. So a few of us got together and opened the “bubbly” – of course there was lots more after that – but the details are lost in the endless glasses of “daru” 🙂 There was a nice dinner (though no Hyderabadi Biryani) where we got to interact with our batchmates and alums. I’m sure I still don’t remember half the names I heard that night. The next day “Sunday” (At one time Sundays were a holiday – I wonder where that time went . . . . . ) started off our whirlwind tour of ISB – orientation to the various clubs, the acads, and what not. Not a very interesting day from my viewpoint – but I’m sure many people enjoyed it. And at night we had a great party – organised by the alums


08 Sep 2008 ISB Campus at Night-time
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