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ISB Term 4 – PhotoWalk

by on Dec.12, 2008, under ISB

Term 4 was unarguably the WORST term at ISB. The subjects (barring INVA) were absolutely useless, there was no point in studying them. I don’t understand why all the useless subjects were concentrated in one term. If you have to have these subjects – at least spread them out over the rest of the terms – better still – make them electives – let the people who want them take them.

However – as usual – this blog is never about studies, it’s about the fun I had during the term. Though I must confess – the term was a major disappointment otherwise too.

Ashish’s birthday had come during the term break – and though we celebrated it in style in Dandeli, the official dunking happened once we came back. The weather was not too cold, and the entire gang was in the pool. We dunked and dunked and dunked:

And of-course there was cake (continue reading…)

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ISB Term 3 – Photowalk

by on Nov.23, 2008, under ISB

One of the better terms at ISB – study-wise as well as fun-wise. All the alumni had warned us – term 3 would be the worst ever – the most amount of pressure – killing workload – the world would go crazy – or you would go crazy – so as expected the entire batch was abuzz with apprehension – tension in the air and everybody getting ready to put their nose to the grindstone. But that’s the rest of the batch – this story is about me and how I enjoyed and partied throughout the term

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ISB Term 2 – Photowalk

by on Sep.25, 2008, under ISB

I promise to keep this one as short as possible – its not going to be as long-winded as the earlier one about term 1. Mainly because the only thing that changed was the subjects we were being taught now. Let me see – they were Competitive Strategy (Compstrat), Decision Modelling and Optimisation (DMOP), Global Economics (GLEC) and Marketing Decision Making (Markstrat). [I cheated – there was no way I was going to remember the subjects I did soo long ago]

Actually that’s one of the chief features of life at ISB – the days move along so fast that they’re a blur – but when you look back they seem so far away – probably because so much has happened since.

One of the more interesting parts of the term was the markstrat simulation – where each study group was allotted a firm and we had to compete to gain profits, market share, etc. Good fun !

Anyways – the term started with the skies clouding over, and impending rains on the horizon. The campus looked beautiful as the sky simply accentuated the buildings.

And our first rains – when the mirror pools filled over and we got back to our childhood – making paper boats and playing J

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ISB Term 1 – Photowalk

by on Sep.16, 2008, under ISB

I think Whirlwind is one word that I’m going to use very often – at least for the next one year. The last month and half have been absolutely crazy – and yet there’s always been time for the myriad activities that vie for our attention. Actually I think I’ll make more sense if I do this chronologically. Started from Delhi on April 11th in the train. Was joined by quite a few “future” classmates. We had planned to take the train – even though it was almost 36 hours. But it was worth every minute – it probably led to formations of life-long friendships – not to mention the fact that we “Reely Reely” enjoyed every second. I had brought along a bottle of Absolut Pear – which we judiciously finished over the course of the day. We chatted, played cards, watched a movie, chatted some more and partied all the time. Don’t think that words can really describe the amount of fun we had – so here are some pictures:

Reached ISB in the morning and went straight to our rooms – was pleasantly surprised at the amazing campus (even though I had seen so many photographs on the net – none of them came even close to the real thing). The rooms were perfect – neat and clean and spacious and I must mention the great quality of the hot water showers. We got ready and went straight for the registration – which was a loooooong affair – mainly because of the HUGE rush at the SBI counter. But we got through and by evening we were true-blue students of ISB. So it was time for some champagne – to mark the start of what we hoped (and which I can vouch for now) would be an amazing one year. So a few of us got together and opened the “bubbly” – of course there was lots more after that – but the details are lost in the endless glasses of “daru” 🙂 There was a nice dinner (though no Hyderabadi Biryani) where we got to interact with our batchmates and alums. I’m sure I still don’t remember half the names I heard that night. The next day “Sunday” (At one time Sundays were a holiday – I wonder where that time went . . . . . ) started off our whirlwind tour of ISB – orientation to the various clubs, the acads, and what not. Not a very interesting day from my viewpoint – but I’m sure many people enjoyed it. And at night we had a great party – organised by the alums

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