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North East – The last two days

Well – the last two days were definitely worth the trip – also they helped turn this trip from ‘hopeless’ to ‘good’. Went for a jeep safari on the first day and was able to get many great shots of rhinos, elephants, water-buffalos, hog-deers . . . . Was great fun. Of course the fun cannot always continue and had to “suffer” an afternoon of site-visits (which were supposed to be visits to tea-garden) with my friend. However on the whole – very nice. Few photos at the end.

Yesterday was great – I was finally alone – and realised that I actually love my company. Went for an early morning elephant safari (got up at 4:00 !!!) – interesting – but the jeep safari was better. Spent the rest of the day exploring the place – chilling out and all to soon the day was over.
More later .. . – have to catch my flight now.

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