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North East Day 2: Guwahati Temples

Today was a day for temples – it seems Guwahati is called a city of temples – there are quite a few of them here.
First we went to the Arunachal Bhawan (found it after a loong search – as it is in a small house on the end of a smaller street) and applied for the ILP (In-Land Permit) which is required for going into Arunachal. If you don’t want to “waste” a day in Guwahati – I would suggest that you get the ILP from Delhi or Mumbai. Anyways – I missed out on that option – and spent the day in Guwahati. 
As I said – a day for temples – Kamakshi Devi (the line was sooo looooooooong I didn’t even think of going in) – Umananda (small temple on a river island – very nice place to go) – had lunch – and the Balaji temple (very beautiful South Indian temple – nicely landscaped – unfortunately my camera went crazy – the mirror got stuck and many photographs came half black :-((((( )
And last of all Kalakshetra – a nice park with a small museum and a big open-air theatre – very nice place. 
Well – that was the end of the second day – quite uneventful and not the best – but lets hope for the best – should get my ILP tomorrow – and then its off to Arunachal – Bomdila and Tawang – then Kaziranga. Lets see what else can go wrong. . .
It seems the North-east area hates my camera – last time I had come to Calcutta – and my SLR was stolen – this time – first I got fined for using the camera yesterday – and today the mirror got stuck – now till I can get it repaired I’ve lost the ability for auto-focus . . . . . but I guess things could be worse 🙂

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