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30 Mar 2010 Madhur and Aossum in the news
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Madhur, my sister, and Aossum, her venture, are in the news.

25 Mar 2010 My Essays for the ISB Application
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Just came across the essays I had put in for my ISB applications. Thought I’d share them here:

The ISB culture stresses on a diverse mix of students; life at the ISB is a unique experience for the students. How will your candidature contribute to this culture at the ISB?  (300 words max)

My experience ranging from architectural design to project management and design coordination would help to bring in a different viewpoint to a class that normally has a majority of engineers and commerce graduates. Furthermore my experience in the construction field has trained me to devise and implement creative strategies to overcome problems.  Additionally working with international clients over the past few years has allowed me to understand the European and American mindset and their attention to detail.


15 Mar 2010 Photos of Sanawar
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Photos I’ve taken along the years:

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11 Mar 2010 Speaker at RENEWTECH 2010

I was given the opportunity by my company to speak at this year’s RENEWTECH in Pune.