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Infinity Mirror Clock

LED clocks have become a passion. After the first one, this is the third version. Will put up the circuit and process in some time. Till then – here are the photos:



Full instructions:

See me at Maker Faire!

4 Responses to “Infinity Mirror Clock”

  • Sydney Baily-Gould says:

    Hi, My 15-yr-old son wanted one of these for Christmas, then I realized he meant he would make one. He showed me a few sites of yours with instructions. I thought he showed me one of your sites where a kit was available with everything one needs to make the infinity mirror clock, but I can’t find it. Is there a kit?

  • Dushyant says:

    Apologies – there is no kit…

  • sharmila says:

    Hi Dushyant, Can u please provide ur email address..

  • Dushyant says:

    I’m sorry – who is this?

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