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Craziest Batch to Join MBEM (SPA)

Had made this comic just after we graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture. Found it in my archives today – so thought of posting it here ;
You can meet Lambu, Horse, CSP, Fish & Duck, Jack & Jill, Pawan & Sarang, Bagchi & Psycho, Pankaj and me (the Devil)

Click on the image to download the pdf file

The file says ‘To be continued. . . ‘ – but I never got the inspiration / ideas to make the second installment. Any ideas ??

2 Responses to “Craziest Batch to Join MBEM (SPA)”

  • Madhur Ahuja says:

    how about some after-holi photos?

  • Cud't c u?!….and who is psycho??….lol

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