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Elective Terms (Term 5 & 6) – A Synopsis

I know it’s been too long since I posted here – I know I should have posted earlier – there just isn’t any excuse – I was plain lazy J. Anyways – the elective terms were a roller-coaster ride – with ups and downs you simply cannot believe; and I simply cannot document all . . . .

Term 5

We started the elective terms with a bartending workshop – and I can safely say – all who attended went back totally TALLI – and to top it all off – I had made jello shots – Vodka in Mango Jelly – and you can imagine the results.

We also had a rocking start to the flying club:

Term 6

We started by participating in the Hyderabad 10K Marathon – it was an amazing experience – running down the finish line shouting “ISB ROCKS” . . . too bad I don’t have photos of the actual run as I was running too.

Term 6 also brought mine and Gaurav’s birthdays (which we started celebrating in style at the Waterfront, followed it by the usual dunkings & cake cutting and finally a Rum Punch party at the D-Lounge)

This was soon to be followed by our beloved Doc’s birthday

With a special dunking for quad-mates who didn’t land-up at the pool 😀

We also had a great masquerade party

And of course we had SOLSTICE:

Ending the year with an amazing boat party at the Hussain-Sagar Lake

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