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The Darden Challenge – what we did

by on Dec.16, 2008, under ISB

As mentioned in my earlier post – there was a slew of competitions in term 4 and even I succumbed to participating in one. My team-members were Gaurav, Jasmine and Vikas.

The challenge this year was to generate AIDS awareness for the youth in India using the mobile telephone platform. Interesting problem – we spent a lot of time brainstorming on the idea and finally came up with “Cell Cast”. The concept aims to bring home the risks of HIV to every such person; to an extent that he/she takes the increasing threat of HIV seriously and becomes a link in the chain to spreads its awareness. The concept employs the SMS/MMS as the base technology, owing to its high use in the target segment, low costs and standardized tools. The plan was to create short, believable accounts, around various topics related to HIV which shall be transmitted in series via text messages / MMS graphics sent out at times corresponding to the story timelines. Entertaining while involving, the stories would be designed to implicitly communicate the message about HIV while making the threat real and substantive. The story would end with a quiz to drive home the message.

The first story goes as:


  1. Day 1 6:00PM: I love being a bartender. People come to me to get rid of their fears. I feel a bit like spiderman – but weaving cocktails instead of webs. Do you want to know what I know? Text “SMS” to 54413 for SMS stories and “MMS” to 54413 for Comic book.

Sample Story:

  1. Day 1 10:30PM: Just the other night, this young girl was downing vodka shots in rapid succession. It just took a friendly “are you ok” from me to make her dissolve into bitter tears. The story she told me next left me shell-shocked. Sheila had met this guy at her French class and hit it off right away. They set up a date for a Friday night movie and dinner. It started off as a dream date but…..
  2. Day 1 11:45PM: Sheila: Around midnight I started feeling dizzy and asked him to take me home. I remember getting into the car – but then blank. I woke up in a parking lot, my clothes torn apart, bruised, aching all over. It was obvious what had happened…
  3. Day 2 9:00PM: Sheila: I thought it happens only in movies and to other people. Never thought it would happen to me. My date had spiked my drink and raped me. Me: It happens to the best of us, but I suggest you get the ELISA test done asap. Then go and report to the cops. Sheila: But that would be so humiliating! Me: Getting justice is not humiliation and think of the other girls you may save.
  4. Day 3 11:00AM: Sheila got her ELISA (test for HIV 1 and 2) done – luckily it was negative. The guy was charged, proven guilty and jailed for 5 years. Say NO to date rape – be vigilant, know your rights. YOU can make a difference.

Sample Quiz:

Day 3 11:30AM: What should you do if you’re a victim of date rape

  1. Talk to the cops
  2. Take ELISA test
  3. All of the above

Send your answer to 54413 and win fabulous prizes

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