DIY Digital Photo Frame v2

For those who have just come directly to this page – please view my blog post on construction of the original photo frame:

Now, you may ask – Why v2:

v1 had the following problems:

  1. It was controlled using my blackberry – unfortunately the anyremote application on BB drains the battery really fast. Also, if someone called while the music / video was playing – there was no way I could shut down the system
  2. Was overheating
  3. I got bored with MythTV and was looking at a better interface; more importantly I was just bored with the setup and had to tinker around

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DIY – Digital Picture Frame

I had an old Dell Inspiron 6400 lying around at home and decided to install Linux on it – had been dabbling with Linux for many years – but as it was never the only operating system on the computer – didn’t really get ahead with it. Also the plan was to make a multimedia center that I could control with my mobile. I had been doing this on my mac using Salling Clicker, but had no idea what I would do with the Dell – so, as is usual in such cases – Google came to my help.

The feature-set I had planned includes:

  1. Digital Photo Frame – slideshow starts as soon as the computer boots
  2. Media Centre (controlled via Bluetooth mobile):
  3. Control wi-fi router through Bluetooth mobile
  4. E-book server – Serve e-books to the nook over wi-fi
  5. Remote access via ssh and vnc
  6. Sync music, videos and photos from usb HDD (to-do)
  7. Send commands via email – e.g start slideshow, suspend, start/ stop torrents, etc. (to-do)
  8. Act as a wireless server for my macbook time machine
  9. Display clock while in slideshow mode

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