Speaker at RENEWTECH 2010

I was given the opportunity by my company to speak at this year’s RENEWTECH in Pune.

It was an interesting experience – to say the least – seeing my name in print with the top names in the industry.

The session chairman was M.G. Raoot, Executive Director of WRLDC (Western Region Load Despatch Centre)

And the other speakers were:

I spoke about the “Solar Opportunity in India” and “Challenges for Developers” based on the draft guidelines to the national solar mission.

It was a great experience – to say the least, and the best part was when people came up to the dais and told me that they really liked the presentation and felt that I had raised some good points which the government must take note of.

All-in-all, an amazing experience. I’ll put in more photos when I get them from the organisers.

11 Replies to “Speaker at RENEWTECH 2010”

  1. Dear Dushyant,

    It’s great to see u r presentation & to know u r spokesperson…….for me it;s amazing.

    tune bulaya hota to pakka join karta yaar,,,,,,, puna may hi tera program ..

    u should call……… anyway……next time want to attend u r program.

    Mahesh Shelote

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